World class astrologer Kim Falconer teams up with Law of Attraction master Jeannette Maw to bring you Good Vibe Astrology: LOA friendly guidance from the stars. Get on board with your divine nature! Recognize your worthiness. See your perfection. Love yourself
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Where Astrology meets Conscious Creation ...

World renowned astrologer and mystic Kim Falconer teams up with Law of Attraction coach Jeannette Maw to bring you Good Vibe Astrology.

Meet your divine nature and achieve your highest desires by marrying up your creative powers with astrological forces. This is your fast track to 'know thyself' (as well as others), and open doors to the infinite possibilities of creation.

Where to Start

1) Create your own natal horoscope online, and find your Ascendant

2) Watch the History of Astrology in 5 minutes

3) Read Astro-LOA articles by Kim and Jeannette

4) Listen to past Astro-LOA talks with Kim and Jeannette

5) Join us live for the next Align with the Stars call

6) Take a course or join the GVA Circle

Recent Courses for July-September 2015

Align with Planetary Returns Learning how to read these planetary returns provides very personal insights into how a transit will unfold, what kind of energy is on offer and the best ways to use law of attraction know-how to align with what you really want.

Whether you are intending to earn more money, thrive in your career, have the best relationship, health or fitness ever, studying your planetary returns will help you achieve your goals. These are also insightful charts to read for clients, helping them activate their dreams come true. Sign up now!

July 2015 Align with the Stars Call

Jeannette and Kim Align with the Stars is set for July 14, 6 pm Eastern.

Everyone is welcome to join us as we discuss the latest energy movements in the stars and how to leverage it for our highest success. If you didn't make it live last month, the June recording is below along with the chart links here.

 Weekly Astro-LOA Flash

To receive Astro-LOA tool for leverage upcoming transits and celestial events: SIGN UP for the Monthly New Moon Newsletter.


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 Rave Reviews
Here's what our initiates are saying ...
"I LOVE this course! It’s been so illuminating as well as actionable."
Jennifer C

"Kim is the most effective teacher. Her way is just awe inspiring as you cannot only enjoy her method, you learn and it sticks."
Chris C

"I have long been interested in astrology - it is such a huge and magical topic. I am in love with the way you present it."
Joh Lyons

"I listened all your recorded calls and have learned so much about myself! It's like a veil was uncovered and I can see . . ."
Christina Bennani-Persechini

"I am learning so much about the non-physical aspect of myself, life, our higher purpose and enjoying every single minute of it. I don't think you will ever understand how powerful the information you are providing is but know that I am finally getting a good grasp on both aspects of life-the seen and unseen/higher self version."
Patricia Bingue