World class astrologer Kim Falconer teams up with Law of Attraction master Jeannette Maw to bring you Good Vibe Astrology: LOA friendly guidance from the stars. Get on board with your divine nature! Recognize your worthiness. See your perfection. Love yourself
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Welcome to Good Vibe Astrology

Where magical Astrology meets empowered Deliberate Creation!

Listen to the 1 minute audio introduction to who we are and what we do!

World class astrologer Kim Falconer teams up with Law of Attraction master Jeannette Maw to bring you Good Vibe Astrology: LOA friendly guidance from the stars.

Meet your divine nature and achieve your highest desires by marrying up free will with astrological forces. This is what Good Vibe Astrology offers - a fast track to 'know thyself' (as well as others), and open doors to the infinite possibilities of creation. Learn how to harness the stars to support your highest expansion and amp up success through LOA friendly astro study via our courses, forums, videos and group calls.

Mercury Rx Support

Mercury turns Retrograde on January 21 (at 17 Aquarius) and will appear to travel backward until February 11th when it reaches 1 degree Aqua. More on that in calls and forum, but for now, have a quick listen to some 17 Seconds of Hot Guy Astro-LOA support.

GVA Circle

Join the GVA Circle to access courses, calls, forums and the growing Astro-LOA community. This is the place for those who want to use their charts to amplify their self-awareness, leverage their deliberate creation practice and find authentic alignment with what they really want.

Upcoming Classes

Chart Reading Like a Pro. Starts March 31, 2015 - GVA Circle Members jump in anytime!

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Astro-LOA Flash

April 18 - April 24th

It's On! The New Moon in Aries is a blast of fresh energy and enthusiasm, giving a kick start for the rest of the year ahead. It's a time to honor the core words I am . . . (you fill in the blank. I am what?) Remember that where Aries is in your chart, you be the boss, take the road only you can travel, and make a difference! Read Kim's HOROSCOPES for more tips.

Note also, this Sagittarius decanate of Aries -- robust, independent, feisty and commanding. A basic 'don't fence me in' attitude applies! Ask where you want to EXPAND your life!

What's the Only Manifesting Skill You Need? The one skill that outdoes all the rest when it comes to consciously creating reality? The one habit that makes all the difference to your manifesting success and can guarantee you a happily-ever-after? That skill is Appreciation! Read how it works on Jeannette's Good Vibe Blog

Recent Monthly Free Call:

March sees the exact Uranus Pluto square, Saturn Rx and the end of the zodiac (29 Pisces) eclipse. Join us as we talk about what this might mean for you, and ways to release resistance, allow and appreciate.

The Body as 6th Sense and Connection to Source. Links to charts in the Gallery. Chat transcripts HERE.

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 Rave Reviews
Here's what our initiates are saying ...
"I LOVE this course! It’s been so illuminating as well as actionable."
Jennifer C

"Kim is the most effective teacher. Her way is just awe inspiring as you cannot only enjoy her method, you learn and it sticks."
Chris C

"I have long been interested in astrology - it is such a huge and magical topic. I am in love with the way you present it."
Joh Lyons

"I listened all your recorded calls and have learned so much about myself! It's like a veil was uncovered and I can see . . ."
Christina Bennani-Persechini

"Thank you so much for your informative, detailed, wonderfully supported and guiding thoughts on all that I wanted to know, plus more! "
Carolyn McCallum
Feng Shui Harmony

"I am learning so much about the non-physical aspect of myself, life, our higher purpose and enjoying every single minute of it. I don't think you will ever understand how powerful the information you are providing is but know that I am finally getting a good grasp on both aspects of life-the seen and unseen/higher self version."
Patricia Bingue

"The insight you offered in the call today was incredible. I love how astrology plays a role of holding space for manifesting."
Jennifer H.

"You gals are simply stunning ... so beautifully sharing of your wisdom and experience. Great mentors - THANK YOU."
Marilyn Scott

"Such an amazing inspiration!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! "
Julie Masters

"What beautiful timing and what a glorious pairing of gifts and talents!"

"Wow, Kim, I’m still digesting your words! It’s as if you’ve just opened a window to my soul and let me see what I never saw before!"
Pernile M.
LOA Savvy